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Japan Radio Corporation was founded in December 1915 and it’s based in Tokyo, Japan since 1930.

JRC is specializing in the field of wireless electronics for the communications industry. JRC has produced a wide variety of products including marine electronics, measuring equipment for telecommunications, broadcast radio equipment, and amateur radio equipment, including the JST-145dx/JST-245dx HF transceivers, which were the last amateur radio transceivers produced by JRC, ending in 2002. Even though these transceivers have been out of production over 10 years, they still compete performance-wise with current high-end amateur transceivers available from other amateur radio manufacturers today, and have become prized possessions of the hams that are fortunate enough to own one.

JRC also has full creative and intelligent resources to develop technologies and products of superior value, in order to contribute to the realization of a society of ever higher quality.

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