5 tips: surfing. How to use the waves to improve your downwind performance

Posted on 6/26/2015 by Intern Account

Using waves to increase downwind speed is a dinghy skill useful in big boats too. Jonty Sherwill asks dinghy sailor and Volvo Ocean Race winner Rob Greenhalgh for his tips

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World’s biggest masts are finished for the world’s biggest sailing superyacht

Posted on 6/25/2015 by Intern Account

The world's biggest masts have been completed in Portsmouth for what is rumoured to be the world's largest supersailing yacht, believed to be a 345ft leviathan. In a tidal reach at the northern end of Portsmouth Harbour, the giant spars of two enormous superyachts have been taking shape in strict secrecy over the last three years.

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Crash Test Boat – Fire

Posted on 6/23/2015 by Intern Account

How would you deal with a fire in the galley or the engine room? What’s the best way to prevent fires onboard? Chris Beeson and the Crash Test Boat Team find out

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Collision Avoidance Tools: The Best Ways to not Crash.

Posted on 6/19/2015 by Intern Account

The cardinal rule of navigation is that two boats should never occupy the same coordinates. Even if you’re an experienced skipper, that doesn’t mean the other guy is. Whether in the harbor or offshore, you must be constantly alert to avoid a collision. Fortunately, there are a number of useful safety tools at your disposal, including ones you might already own.

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Electronic charts and grounding – a cautionary tale

Posted on 6/18/2015 by Intern Account

The lessons of a catastrophic grounding apply to every sailor who uses electronic charts, says Bill Anderson, who redesigned the Yachtmaster courses

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How to Use a Compass While Boating

Posted on 6/17/2015 by Intern Account

In this age of electronic wizardry, the simple compass gets short shrift-which is a shame, given its usefulness in so many ways.

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Lock your prop, or let it spin?

Posted on 6/15/2015 by Intern Account

To reduce drag when you’re sailing: should you lock your prop, or let it spin? Emrhys Barrell’s conclusive test settles this long-running debate, once and for all

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Cruise Off the Beaten Path with Lindblad Expeditions

Posted on 6/8/2015 by Intern Account

Lindblad Expeditions are cruise experts whom have partnered with National Geographic in order to offer their guests the ultimate in adventure cruises to destinations across the globe. With a wide variety of different adventures to choose from that include destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galapagos and Asia with expert guides to lead you through the more interesting aspects that each adventure can offer, an ultimate experience is assured. CHOICES

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Ocean Singal-Sponsored Rowers Set Out on Atlantic Record Attempt

Posted on 6/4/2015 by Intern Account

With the reassurance of their Ocean Signal products on-board, two young rowers have started an unsupported Atlantic crossing to raise money for charity.

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Crash Test Boat – Gas explosion

Posted on 6/3/2015 by Intern Account

How safe is your gas system? Do you make regular checks? Chris Beeson and the Crash Test Boat team create a gas explosion to show you why you should never take risks with gas

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