Shocking photos and video of superyacht sinking off of Mykonos, Greece

Posted on 8/20/2015 by Intern Account

Shocking photos and a video show a superyacht sinking off Mykonos, Greece. With clear blue waters surrounding the Greek island, you can see in vivid detail the yacht’s demise.






The superyacht only sank in Mykonos this morning, and details are still trickling in, but see the photos and videos of the wreckage here first. 



A superyacht sinking in Mykonos, Greece


Local news outlet Mykonos Daily is reporting that the yacht ran aground on a reef off of Mykonos near Paraga around 5 a.m. and sank before dawn.



The yacht, which Boat International estimates to be a Custom Line Navetta 33, is presently in the area between Platis Gialos and Psarrou off of Mykonos. 


According to initial reports, all of the guests on board were able to escape the sinking yacht unharmed. 



The video below shows a small dinghy approach the sinking yacht, whose bow is sticking up out of the water.


Port officials were due to arrive this morning and begin the investigation into the cause of the sinking.







Source: BoatMagazine





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